Flag Lane History 

Flag Lane, is a tiny dirt track in Skahanrane, Ballinkillen, Co. Carlow.

It runs adjacent to our family farm just outside the village.

This lane was used back in the day, over 100 years ago to connect the towns lands from one side of the village to the other. Years gone by local people; our very own ancestors used this lane to do business together.

They filled up their ponies & traps and carried their farming produce right across the village to the local markets. They helped each other to do business and by doing so they provided a footprint for a booming economy. In 2017, Inspiration for my business name came directly from this lane. Our logo is a map of the townland and the lane running through the center of it. 

Our company culture and value are built solely on the purpose of helping small businesses grow. WHY?

Because when a small business grows, the community grows also. Small businesses are the back bone of each and every local community in Ireland, providing local employment and local community involvement.

Our passion is creating local thriving economies!