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Learn How to Do Marketing

The Learn How to do Marketing Academy is a 6-month marketing mentorship and accountability program that will provide you with clarity in direction and consistency in effort so that you can be confident to really lean in and invest in your marketing.

During the 6 months, you will work directly with thought leader Lynda Bolger. Lynda will share her strategic marketing framework with you to show you how your marketing can create more impact and help to drive success to your business.

Delivered via live webinars and one to one sessions with Lynda, the Learn How To Do Marketing Academy will show you how to plan, implement and measure your marketing to create consistent results for your business.

So if you are sick of wondering what content you should be posting, or what marketing channels you should be investing in and whether any of the marketing that you are doing is actually working, the Learn How To Do Marketing is just for you.

In the Academy, you will learn an abundance of marketing techniques that will help you to produce better content, build stronger relationships with your customers, maximise marketing efficiencies and ultimately drive more revenue to that superb business of yours.

Essentially, we show up with the marketing know-how, expertise and guidance where you need it the most.